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SPHERE™ is not (another)
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Turn negative feelings into positive in just 2-3 sessions

Your brain will adapt to healthier patterns

Change the brain's emotional reaction to stress triggers

Introducing SPHERE™

SPHERE by Stress Point Health is an innovative app designed to directly address your minds’ emotional response to stress, anxiety or PTSD.

SPHERE is built upon decades of global research into Neurofeedback and gives you access to this treatment for the first time through your smartphone.

SPHERE uses a unique combination of sound frequencies that have been specifically developed to help your brain neutralise the effects of stress, anxiety or trauma whilst increasing the ability to self-regulate your mind and body’s reaction to emotional triggers.

Try SPHERE™ today!

With SPHERE™ you can access digitised Neurofeedback for the first time through your smartphone and get effective treatment for anxiety, stress and PTSD anytime, anywhere.

In fact, 86% of our users reported feeling an immediate improvement with just one, 20 minute session.

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Giving you access to help
Anytime, Anywhere

SPHERE offers a unique alternative that simply requires you to listen and follow along to the in-app instructions.

  • Your own private journey that does not require talking about a painful or traumatic event

  • Each session is guided and your brain will adapt automatically to new healthier patterns

  • Can be used alongside any of your existing treatment plans, including medication

SPHERE™ facilitates awareness, provides reinforcement, and allows you to take control of your stress or anxiety. It works by synchronising sound frequencies associated with restfulness, healing and positivity to your unique brain wave patterns.

How SPHERE™ works

01 Download

Download and launch the App on your phone in a relaxing environment and connect your headphones

02 Respond

Respond to a short series of diagnostic questions


Focus on whatever triggers your symptoms

04 Stresspoint

Find the frequency that matches your peak level of stress or anxiety. This is your StressPoint

05 Disrupt

Disrupt your Stresspoint until the combination of frequencies becomes comfortable to listen to

06 Listen

Listen and relax for 20 minutes. SPHERE™ will do the work for you

Experiences with SPHERE™

In our first pilot, with 22 volunteers, each person received one 20 minute session with our technology. The participants had different triggers ranging from stress at work, phobias, severe anxiety through to complex PTSD. After the session our pilot group felt an immediate reduction in their symptoms. Here are some of the experiences they shared:

Results from the pilot at a glance

felt an improvement in their Global Impression of Change after the session

showed a drop on the anxiety scale between their StressPoint and the end of the session

“very much improved” the highest rating they can give

showed a drop of 4 or more on the anxiety scale between their StressPoint and the end of the session

showed a drop on the anxiety scale between the start and end of the session

felt no anxiety at all by the end of the session

The overall results at a glance


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